Author of both adult and children's fiction, Carol Heimbuch creates stories filled with back country adventure, intrigue, worthiness of love and trust, and the soul's progressing journey.

Inspired by her personal treks in the Pacific Northwest and SE Alaska, The Promise by Carol HeimbuchCarol wrote her first adult fiction, The Promise, as a part of a historical fiction series Westward Bound. The Promise is a unique look into the history of women and men crossing the Chilkoot Trail of Alaska and the Yukon.

Look for another book, Wind On The River, linked to The Promise, coming soon in 2012. Wind On The River is a novel set in the Wyoming Territory of 1876.

As a result of family explorations, Carol and her grandchildren, Micah and Mikayla, were also prompted to create "wilderness adventure stories, kid's style"; tales of mystery and wild adventures along with moral encouragements and facts about endangered species.

Twilight Tracks and Condor Caper by Carol HeimbuchThough her children's books were written for ages 7 - 12, with the books' back section on facts, these stories are a fun and educational read for the whole family. Shadow Stallion is a Wild West adventure, Twilight Tracks is a book about salmon in Idaho and Condor Caper tells of a California adventure regarding the California condor and a wildfire.

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